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After you fill the form, our team shall do the matchmaking with the investor(s) interested in your Startup’s persona. As and when we have the right mentor for you, our team shall arrange a mentoring session that mutually suits your time schedule. It’s noteworthy that this process might take 3-4 weeks’ time.
Since CAN is a focused group of seasoned entrepreneurs with hands-on business experience, it might open the gateway to tremendous business/ industry insights and validation of your business model. This also might open the doorway to the valuable feedback about the right stage of raising funding. Did we mention that the mentors today might want to become investors in your business tomorrow
Given the busy schedule of the investors/ mentors, keep your facts, numbers and queries handy. Creating a pitch deck is recommended. We also advise you to go through the mentor’s profile to avail the best strategic benefits from their expertise.
Yes. The investors of CAN are keen on giving back to the Startup ecosystem by sharing their knowledge and experience about building and running successful businesses. As we understand that the Startups struggle with their limited resources and finance, none of our members charge for the mentoring sessions. Having said that, in order to make the best use of the mutual learning opportunity in the limited timeframe, it’s best to go prepared when you meet them.
Sure. Our team shall try reaching out to the mentor you like but we leave it to them to decide on whether they’re interested to meet you.
The most preferred mode is starting an email communication thread. This may be followed by a 1-o-1 meeting with your prospective mentor at the place and time of their convenience. We can try organising it via phone/ skype calls too if the mentors are comfortable.